Commercial & IP Litigation

Commercial & IP Litigation

When it comes to litigation, our team places a focus on reaching practical and commercial solutions for our clients, and actually resolving disputes as rapidly as possible. This often may mean moving away from a “fight at all costs” approach, and instead ensuring we are able to reach a commercial solution for our clients by managing risk, minimising their disruption to business and opportunity costs, and maintaining control of our client’s legal budget. We evaluate many options available to clients and can advise as to a variety of cost-effective legal strategies and options available.

– IP – Trademarks, Patents and Plant Breeders’ Rights disputes

– Contract disputes

– Property disputes including local Council matters

– Tax disputes

– Appearances in the High, Federal, Supreme, District, Local, and Environmental Courts, and Administrative Appeals Tribunal


– Negotiation

– We have assisted a Brazilian company with the successful recovery of a $USD100,000 debt, including preparing a Statement of Claim, and filing with the NSW Supreme Court and successful negotiation of settlement.

– We have advised various Australian companies on a range of disputes, including with government bodies, and have appeared at various levels of Court on their behalf.